WSU Potato Alerts

Friday Apr 07, 2023

The WSU Potato Alerts e-newsletter covers topics important to potato production in the irrigated Columbia Basin. The alerts are issued weekly during the potato growing season, with additional issues s...

Psyllid Yellows and Scouting for Nymphs

Sunday Jul 30, 2023

PSYLLID YELLOWS is a disorder that can occur when potato psyllid nymphs feed on potato plants. The nymphs inject a toxin into the plant when they feed. This results in a range of growth disorders that...

Potato psyllid adult, nymphs, and eggs (photo by Andy Jensen, NW Potato Consortium).

Managing Potato Psyllids with Insecticides

Friday Jun 16, 2023

Potato psyllids are important pests because they can spread the bacterium that causes zebra chip disease. They cannot be stopped from migrating into potato fields, but they can be controlled after the...

Potato Virus Y

Potato Virus Y

Friday Jun 09, 2023

POTATO VIRUS Y (PVY) is the reason for most potato seed lot downgrades by seed certification agencies. This disease has become increasingly difficult for seed growers to deal with due (mostly) to the ...

Understanding Pest Contour Maps

Friday Jun 09, 2023

Contour maps showing results from the WSU Extension insect monitoring network are available on the Potato Decision Aid System (DAS). These maps use color to help you visualize where and how many insec...